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Many people have asked me what's going on with It's really a long story. was originally my main website, and focused on the SBNews/News Robot newsgroup downloader program. As time grew by, and I developed more and more software, I started several additional websites, including the main SB-Software website at It is my intention to continue to devote to newsreader and news-downloader related software.

So, what's up with the current product line-up? Things have changed a lot over the years!

SBNews / News Robot (aka "newsbot") is still a mainstay of the SB-Software product line. SBNews is a general-purpose workhorse and offers a load of power-user features, capable of downloading everything from pictures to mpeg movie files to entire DVD images. However, it's original design was for pictures, and it remains best suitable for pictures. For those interested in downloading the larger files such as movies or DVD images, I'm moving forward with Android Newsgroup Downloader.

Binary Vortex can almost be thought of as "SBNews Lite". It uses the same basic engine as SBNews, but with all of the power user features stripped out. The interface is completely redesigned. Vortex is intended for novice users, or those who strictly intend to download only pictures like JPEG and GIF files. Binary Vortex really isn't suitable for handling movies and DVD images.

QuadSucker/News was my first attempt at a multithreaded downloader. For an ultra-fast newsgroup picture downloader, QuadNews really can't be beat. QuadNews also has a pick and choose mode that is intended to support the large files, such as movies and DVD images. However, QuadNews was designed for pictures from the start, much like SBNews was, and I continue to recommend Android for the larger files.

Android Newsgroup Downloader is my latest and greatest downloader. It is strictly a queue-oriented downloader. You drag and drop the files that you want into the download queue (or "to-do" list). Android will then pull down those files, properly reassemble them, etc. Android was designed from the start to download large files like MPG, MP3, VOB, etc. It can pull down entire DVD and CD images with ease. Thus, I recommend Android for anyone who wishes to download these large files.

A few quick questions will help you select the correct downloader:

Do you want to download very large files, such as movies, DVDs, archive files, and music? If so, then the clear choice is Android, as it's designed to download these items.

Do you primarily want to download pictures? If so, then you can choose between any of the downloaders.

Pick Binary Vortex if you're a novice and want a stripped-down tool.

Select QuadNews if you want a fast multithreaded downloader

Choose SBNews for an all-around workhorse with a ton of power-user features.

If you decide to register, then all of the above are included in the SB-Software "package deal". Thus, you don't need to settle on which downloader to use now; you can always switch later on.