SBWeather: WX200 Weather Monitor Software

SB Weather

For the WX-200, WM-918, WMR-918, WMR-968 and other compatible weather computers
(C) Scott M. Baker

The current version is 2.6, released 3/5/2003 !

    Updated: Includes experimental support for wireless WMR-918/968 (email me with any problems)
Updated: Support added to act as a client of the Linux wx200d !
Updated: Fixed serial communication problems with Windows XP
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SB Weather supports ALL modern versions of windows, including Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP

Note: I'm collecting statistics on user experiences with SBWeather -- please report what version of SBWeather you're using, what version of the hardware (WX200, WM918, etc), and what version of Windows you're running on (98, XP, etc), and how the software is working for you. Please email this info to me at

Note: If you're upgrading to a new version of SBWeather in a networked environment, make sure to upgrade all copies of SBWeather at the same time or client/server communication problems may result.

What does it do?

SBWeather is designed to be used as monitoring software for the Tandy/RadioShack WX-200 Weather Station. The WX-200 supports Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Wind, and Rain functions and costs approximately $300. The WX-200 is also widely known as the WM-918. A wireless version called the WM-968 is also available.

What special features does SBWeather have?

SBWeather's main design feature is network connectivity via UDP/IP. You can setup one machine in your house as a "Weather Server" and all the other machines in your house as "Weather Clients". Thus you can have full weather monitor features on any computer in your house. You'll need some sort of LAN to do this, and it must support a TCP/IP stack (actually UDP/IP is used). All modern versions of windows include TCP/IP and LAN support.

I've used a decent set of ActiveX controls to give you a nice user friendly look and feel. I've designed the program to be easy to use and configure. Graphics are designed to be user friendly and intuitive -- a thermometer looks like a thermometer! Complex real-time charting functions are available to let you see weather trends as they occur!

SBWeather includes some data logging features to save weather measurements to your hard drive. You can save to a comma-delimited text file (i.e. for loading into a spreadsheet), to html (for uploading to the web), or to formatted ascii. Measurements can be recorded at intervals from 30-seconds to 1-hour.

How well has it been tested?

SB Weather has been extensively tested and available for several years. There are thousands of SB Weather users worldwide. However, if you do notice any problems, please report them to me at .


I am not affiliated with Radio Shack, Tandy, Accuweather, or Accudata. Use this software at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damages that may result from use or misuse of this software, software incompatibilities, or suitability of this software for any application.


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