(C) Scott M. Baker

The current version is 2.5, released 3/11/2003 !

the 32-bit version! Download the 32-bit version [sbwcc25.exe] (Self-extracting install, Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)
[Note: You can also download SBWcc in a zip file for use with pkunzip/winzip]
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the documentation! Read the Online Documentation! [WCC.HTML]
Screen shots of SBWcc in action! [SHOTS.HTML]

What does it do?

SBWcc is designed as a general purpose website downloader. It can do all of the following:

What special features does SBWcc have?

A built in thumbnail (and fullscreen) JPEG viewer is included to allow you to view files as they are downloaded. Full-screen JPEG viewer supports slideshow and image sizing functions

How well has it been tested?

SBWcc is an established products with many thousands of users. If you do run across any problems, please report any bugs to me at

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