SBPop: Mailbox Notification

(C) Scott M. Baker

The current version is 1.5, released 3/18/2003 !

Download SBPop Download the 32-bit version [sbpop15.exe] (Self extracting install, Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)
[also available as a zip file to be unzipped with pkunzip/winzip]
Read the documentation! Read the Online Documentation! [SBPOP.HTML]

What does it do?

SBPop automatically polls your internet mailbox for incoming mail. If new mail is detected, it can sound an audio alert and/or flash it's icon to let you know that mail is available.

What special features does SBPop have?

How well has it been tested?

It's been tested pretty well for about 5 years now, so all the bugs should be worked out. If you do notice any problems, then please email me at

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