SB-Software Products are NOT susceptible to new JPEG Virus

Recently, I've had a large number of inquiries about the new JPEG viruses that have been circulating lately. These viruses exploit a buffer overflow in the Microsoft GDI+ API, which is used by many Microsoft products, including Internet Explorer, Outlook, etc...

However, All of my products (including SBNews, Vortex, SortPics, QuadNews, QuadWeb, ...) use a completely seperate jpeg decoding engine. I have personally tested the JPEG code used in my products against a sample of the jpeg exploit, and the exploit is not effective. All of my viewers treat the exploit as an invalid or corrupted file, and do not display it.

Note: Even though my products are not susceptible to the Jpeg virus, I do recommend that you run good up-to-date virus checking software (I use Norton Anti-Virus 2004 myself). It's just good common sense.

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