Yes, it does support yEnc
SBNews is NOT vulnerable to Jpeg Viruses
The current version is 10.4, released 6/7//2007 !
SBNews now supports the new yEnc encoding format!
NO Spyware, NO Adware,
NO Disabled Features & NO Expiration

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Major new features and an improved user interface for SBNews in 2007 !

Download the 32 bit version of SBNews Download SBNews/News Robot [sbn32_104.exe]
(Self-extracting, With Install Program, Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista)
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Read the documentation! Read the Online Documentation! [NEWSBOT.HTML]  
Installation tips for novice users [NOVICE.HTML]  
Screen shots of SBNews in action! [SHOTS.HTML]  
The SBNews FAQ and HOWTO section -- all kinds of tips to help you get the best from your newsgroup downloading experience. How to eliminate spam, frequently asked questions, etc.  

What does it do?

SBNews/Newsbot is designed to automatically download and uudecode files from binary newsgroups. SBNews makes no limitation on the type of file that can be downloaded -- everything is possible including archives, executable files, sound clips, and images. Small files (such as images) which fit in a single news message work best, as news servers do tend to drop portions of large multi-part files. SBNews will handle multi-part files, although if the news server has dropped part of the file, nothing can be done to reconstruct it.

What are binary newsgroups?

(Presumably you already know this or you wouldn't be here!) Binary newsgroups contain binary files which are typically encoded via uuencode (or mime64) and sent as text. These newsgroups are a popular means of distributing data across a wide area, and in most cases newsgroup access is inexpensive and posting is allowed by anyone. Newsgroup content is very diverse -- including Newsgroups dedicated to archive files, executables, sound clips, images. Most binary newsgroups are in the alt.binaries subtree. The biggest problem is ignoring unwanted, off-topic advertisements (SPAM) which are present in newsgroups, and SBNews is designed with this important feature in mind.

What kind of binary newsgroups are out there?

There are thousands of newsgroups, on all sorts of subject. The newsgroups contain images, and SBNews excels at downloading from these picture newsgroups. The alt.binaries.sounds and alt.binaries.mp3 newsgroups contain music and sound effects. You can find video files in the alt.binaries.mpeg and alt.binaries.multimedia newsgroups. There are also other newsgroups that contain archive files and executable files.

SBNews downloads all types of file attachments from newsgroups - jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, mpeg, mpg, mp3, m2v, mov, avi, rar, zip, wav, and more!

What special features does SBNews have?

SBNews has many features that make it unique. Most important are advanced methods to lockout and reject unwanted articles. The newsgroups are filled with off-topic advertisements these days and SBNews is an excellent tool to avoid wasting your time downloading junk. There are also extensive duplicate elimination features to avoid downloading the same thing multiple times. SBNews includes a full-featured JPEG/GIF/BMP viewer, as well as thumbnail viewers which show the image download in progress. There are extensive statistical functions to help you keep tabs on what's going on. File Encryption is built in to automatically encrypt sensitive data when it's stored on your hard drive. Although SBNews is intended to automatic and unattended download, manual selection features are present to allow you to manually decide which articles to download. Keyword specification is supported to allow you to further limit downloading to only articles which have a specific keyword field in the subject or author fields.

What do you need to use SBNews?

You will need a TCP/IP connection. For most people, this is an Internet Service Provider (ISP), the same service that lets you access the World-Wide-Web. You can either use your ISP's news server or you can use a third party news provider, such as To the best of my knowledge, America Online (AOL) does not support third-party news readers.

SBNews runs under the Windows environment and there are versions available for both Windows-95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP and Windows-3.1. The Windows-95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP version is the more stable of the two and I recommend running this version if possible. The 16-bit version has been reported to run in the Win-3.1 compatibility mode of OS-2/Warp.

Why should you register your copy?

I've prepared a special file on reasons to register. Shareware is a distribution method that may be new to some of you. I provide you with fully-functional software for you to evaluate -- if you like the software, you are supposed to register it. Registering compensates me for my efforts and also provides you with a few goodies in return (such as eliminating the "unregistered delay").

Scott's rantings about shareware author ethics:

I strongly support the rights of individual privacy. I do not give out email addresses or other personal information to anyone. I maintain user information in the strictest confidence, and I am willing to destroy your information at your request. I feel this is only fair and it should be expected of any reputable shareware author. I do not support Bulk-Email or Spamming. I've never used these techniques to advertise my products and I never will. Absolutely.

Does SBNews support Yenc?

Of course it does! Yenc support was introduced in version 8.3. Yenc is a new encoding format that may offer a slightly better download performance. If you don't know what Yenc is, don't worry about it -- just know that if you do encounter any Yenc messages, that SBNews will handle them correctly and automatically for you.

Do you like SBNews? Then also try out QuadSucker/News and QuadSucker/Web, two other utilities from SB-Software. Both are included free when you register SBNews!

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