SBJV Screen Shots

The following images contain screen shots of an actual SBJV session in progress:

[shot4.gif] The usual SBJV window, showing image and File/Directory pane.

[shot2.gif] SBJV in categorization mode -- the buttons along the right hand categorization pane allow you to move the selected image with just one click!

[shot5.gif] If you attempt to overwrite a file that already exists, SBJV pops up an informative dialog, allowing you to abort, overwrite, rename, or delete the image.

[shot6.gif] SBJV has a zoom features allowing you to zoom in to see extra detail in the image.

[shot1.gif] A powerful encryption feature allows you to easily encrypt files so that no unauthorized persons may see them!

[shot3.gif] SBJV's "Visual Index" feature can automatically display your directory as a group of thumbnails, making it easy to get an overview of your collection.

[shot7.gif] SBJV includes a very versatile catalog-generation feature, allowing you to effortlessly make professional looking image catalogs suitable for posting on the web or usenet news.

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