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The current version is 4.0, released 3/3/2005 !

SBJV is a great tool for viewing and sifting through all of those pictures that you have downloaded from newsgroups or websites. It's also good for managing pictures of friends and family from your digital camera.

  About Find out more about SBJV: The world's fastest and easiest jpeg/gif image viewer!  
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  Download Download SBJV 32-bit version[self-extracting install, version 4.0, 3/03/2005]
(The self-extracting installation can be installed directly from your computer)
  Download Download SBJV 32-bit version[zip install, version 4.0, 3/03/2005]
(The zip installation must be unzipped with a tool like pkzip or winzip)
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  Manual Read the online user's manual  
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    SBJV is compatible with ALL recent versions of Windows,
including 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP!

What does it do?

SBJV is a general purpose image viewer. It is designed to let you view image files on your computer. The file formats supported are JPG, BMP, TGA, and GIF. SBJV is a very simple to use, no-nonsense image viewer. It also includes a lot of bells and whistles for power users -- see the feature list below.

What special features does SBJV have?

I've tried to add many bells and whistles to SBJV, such as the following:

SBJV is a continuing project and I add news features to it every now and then, so check back often.

How well has it been tested?

SBJV is extremely stable and has been thoroughly tested. It is rock-solid, and will not crash, even when trying to display corrupted image files.

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