SB Image Explorer

(c) Scott M. Baker


A unique new thumbnail browsing utility. Form and function is similar to the Windows-95/98 Explorer, but with many additional image viewing features. Rather than displaying simple icons, Image Explorer displays small thumbnail versions of the image files. A full-size image preview panel automatically displays the images that you click on. Advanced multithreaded design loads several images at once in the background for a significant performance improvement over single threaded viewers.

Enhancements/Differences from the Windows Explorer:

When you first load up SB Image Explorer, it's appearance will be similar to the Windows-95 Explorer. However, there are several important additions:

-- Important Version 2.0 Changes --

Version 2.0 and above of SB Image Explorer are a complete rewrite of the old 1.x versions. The rewrite uses a new compiler, new windows 95/98/2000 features, and should perform much better on your machine. However, the complexities involved in such a complete rewrite may lead to a few bugs -- if you notice any problems, then please report them to

Listview display modes

The center pane of the main window contains a "Listview Control". Listview controls are a Windows-95 control used to display a list of items, in our case, it is a list of files in the current directory. The listview display has several different modes. These may be selected by several of the toolbar buttons (which looks like little squares) or the View pull-down menu.

The best way to find out which one you like best is to experiment. The Giant Icon view is very useful for browsing thumbnails when the images themselves are what you're most interested in. The Small Details mode is most useful for file-maintenance chores where you need all of the information available.


Please see the file register.doc (or register.htm) for full registration information.

Contacting me:

You can email me at Additional contact information is located in register.doc/register.htm.

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