Special Purpose and Expert Tools

Tools on these pages are mostly things that I wrote for my own use, and decided to release to the general public. They are generally rough, have sparse documentation, and serve very special purposes. Use them at your own risk!

Most of them you probably do NOT have a use for!


Locates public access news servers. i.e. News servers that do not require a username or password to access. There are very few public news servers, so this may be of little use.


Generates HTML image index pages. Pages are suitable for browsing on your own computer, or may be uploaded to a website.

Visual Directory Explorer

Displays a pie chart showing how much space is used in each directory on your hard drive. Useful for finding stuff to delete.


Automatic capture from the Snappy Video Snapshot capture device. Unattended operation, built in image viewer, and other advanced features.


Creates histograms from simple data files.

DNS Watcher

A tool to monitor DNS servers