Your registration is a lifetime registration. It does not expire.
Your registration covers all future versions and upgrades -- this means you never need to register again.
Registration is a one-time fee
Online transactions are secure, using a secure server that is hosted by Verisign Payment Services.
The charge will appear on your credit card as "SB-Software"
Your privacy will be strictly protected.
Your registration code will be emailed to you immediately after you've completed the transaction.
You may also register by paypal, regnow, or by sending a check in the mail.

Frequently asked questions about software registrations
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Thank you for deciding to register your SB-Software product.

I gladly accept payments via Check, Money Order, or Cash via US Mail. However, I would like to ask you to reconsider using the online payment methods, as they are much quicker, and much less trouble for both you and I.

If you still want to send in your registration payment by mail, then here is the process:

  1. Send an email message to letting me know that you wish to pay via mail. I will respond to you with my current mailing address.

    Please put something obvious in the subject line like "REGISTER BY US MAIL"

    This serves two purposes -- it lets me make sure you get my current address, and lets me know to expect your payment.
  2. Mail a check or money order made out to "SB-Software" and mail it to me.
  3. I'll send you the code back via email, as soon as I've received your letter.

You may also send cash, but please understand that I cannot be responsible for any loss of mail. I do recommend that anyone who choses to send cash wrap the cash in thick paper, or otherwise disguise it.

Click here to send an email request to pay by US-Mail

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Your registration entitles you to use of ALL of the following SB-Software programs:

Android Newsgroup Downloader
Binary Vortex
Groovy Hex Editor
SB Image Explorer
SBLog Analyzer
SBJV Image Viewer
SBNews / Newsbot

DNS Watcher
Quick Number Base Converter
Scott's Wallpaper Switcher
Scott's Startup Program Manager
SMTP Watcher
Visual Directory Explorer

Astro Hunter 3D Deluxe
Political Invaders
Scott's Space Invaders

Scott's Binary Clock
Scott's Model Railroad Screensaver
Scott's Nixie Tube Clock

ForPilots CheckList
ForPilots Logbook
ForPilots Pocket Test
ForPilots Palm Test
ForPilots XCPlan

If you don't see your program listed above, then it probably is included, but is new enough that I haven't added it to the list.