Welcome to the SB-Software NewsReader Tools website

SB-Software is a high quality shareware company that has been in business since 1985. I stand behind my products and offer only first-rate internet software and utilities. This website, newsrobot.com, specializes in my newsgroup downloading tools. For my general website, which offers other products, including games and utilities, visit www.sb-software.com.

  SBNews/Newsbot is the internet's premier tool for retrieving pictures, music, and other multimedia files from newsgroups! SBNews will go out on the internet for you, find the files you want, exclude those you don't want, and download them to your computer -- all by itself. There's no need to spend hours laboring through newsgroups with cumbersome low-tech tools like Outlook Express and manually decoding news attachments. SBNews/Newsbot finds the files, automatically decodes them and splices multi-part files together. Try it today! :)
  Android Newsgroup Downloader is my latest downloader. It's designed from the start for pulling down large multipart files such as MPEG movies and MP3 music files. Android is multithreaded, offering performance equivalent to QuadNews. Android offers many advanced features, including NZB support, and automatic saving of headers and download queue from one session to the next. If you're interested in downloading large files, then Android is probably a better choice for you than SBNews. The SBNews registration includes Android, so registered users are welcome to switch back and forth as they wish!
  QuadSucker/News (or 'QuadNews') is the multithreaded counterpart to SBNews. QuadNews downloads FOUR files at the same time, and is a perfect tool for high-speed internet connections such as DSL, cable modems, broadband, etc. Quadnews features a very powerful multipart message assembly algorithm allowing it to ensure multipart messages are assembled correctly, making it the tool of choice for downloading music files (MP3, WAV, etc), applications (ZIP, RAR, etc), and -- of course -- images (GIF, JPEG, PCX, etc).
  SB-Software produces many other products as well -- including tools for downloading from websites and webcams (QuadSucker/Web, SBWcc), tools for sorting and viewing images (SortPics, SBJV), and much more -- see our products page for full information on all the current software.
  For novice users, we offer a stripped down, easy to use binary news downloader called Binary Vortex. Binary Vortex is similar to the less sophisticated tools that our competitors offer, and is a good starting point for novice users who don't want the clutter of features present in our other tools. When you're ready to graduate, you can easily move into the powerful SBNews or QuadSucker products.

  My registration policy is unparalleled in the Internet community: register any sb-software product, and you get them all -- and all future versions -- for life. If you start out with one of our novice tools, you can move right into a professional tool without paying a cent. Your registration is good for life, and covers all future versions.

SB-Software is dedicated to providing the best shareware on the net, with excellent customer support and unparalleled registration value.